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Mariah Duran

Mariah Duran

Mariah Duran

Mariah loves helping people and their pets! She believes each pet should be treated like a family member and always wants people to feel the car we have for their babies.

She worked on a horse ranch during COVID shutdowns, so she was exposed to a lot of different animals needs. That experience made her want to expand her knowledge on helping animals.

Mariah is from the O.C. and engaged to her partner of 7 years. She plans on having a small wedding and celebrating the honeymoon is Scotland or Ireland.

When she isn't at BSVH, Mariah spends time with her 2 cats:

Cleo is 10 years old and full of anxiety

Jobu is 7 months old kitten that she thinks is part monkey!

Mariah loves to read, write, watch Netflix, go on walks and practice yoga. She loves scary movies and fantasy novels. She is currently going to Irvine Valley College for Enviromental Policy.