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Elizabeth Gendron

Elizabeth Gendron

Elizabeth has always known she wanted to work with animal since she was 4 years old, because her mom was an ER nurse. She fell in love with medical care and wanting to help others. Now that she works at a veterinary hospital, that dream has started. 

Along with small animals, she loves working with large animals, which is how she started. Elizabeth's first job was working at a petting zoo with farm animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, and ponies.

In her off time, Elizabeth loves taking whatever chance she can get to go horseback riding with friend. She has 3 huskies (Merlin, Tahoe, and Kota), all of them are rescues with their own stories. Along with taking care of her dogs, she is a big music lover with her favorite artist being 5 Seconds of Summer and Harry Styles. Concerts are her all time favorite thing to do as well. 

Elizabeth's long-term goal is to one day work on a ranch with horses as a veterinary technician,