To All Our Valued Clients

First and foremost — We hope that you, your family, and your pet(s) are remaining safe and healthy.

At this time we are doing everything we can to remain operational during this difficult time. Our goal is to continue offering the care your pets need while providing you and our staff a safe environment. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Having visited our facility, you may already be aware that we always keep our hospital clean and disinfected. We want everyone to know that we have increased both the frequency and the scope of these cleaning in accordance with the CDC recommendations.

However, cleaning and good hygiene is not all that is needed. It is imperative that we work to support social distancing. Within our hospital we have numerous staff members working together to care for our patients. Therefore, for the safety of our clients and our staff members, it is our plan to offer parking lot service.

While we love to see all of our clients and visit with them face to face, it’s really our patients that need the nose to tail, hands on examinations. Going forward, please follow the protocol outlined below:

What if I am healthy?

For healthy members of our community, please call to make an appointment for your pet.

When you arrive, please CALL us from your car at (562) 961-0028. We will check-in your pet, and a veterinary nurse will obtain a full medical history from you over the phone. We will then send a nurse to you, to collect your furry friend from your vehicle. A doctor will provide a full physical exam, and develop a plan for care, and an estimate of the costs, then we will be in contact with you again by phone to present the plan and to make sure it meets with your approval. Once we have all agreed to a plan, we will move forward with your pet’s treatments, and then return your baby back to you, in your vehicle when we are done.

This should sound very similar to our normal exam process, except rather than waiting in our facility while we provide care for your pet, you will be able to wait in the comfort of your car. Or for clients who are more comfortable at home, we can arrange a pick up time later in the day, and you can wait at home. Same day boarding for drop off appointments is complimentary but available based on limited space.

What if I am feeling sick or someone in my household is sick?

For our clients who are feeling sick, or who may have someone in the household that is sick, please avoid visiting our facility.

Please call us at (562) 961-0028, and we can work to arrange an option that works best for your unique situation. Perhaps a healthy friend can bring in your pet, or we can work to arrange a telemedicine appointment to address your pets needs. Or if routine services are needed, our doctor may review your pets case and find that postponing services would be the safest option. We will work with you, to the best of our abilities, to make sure your pet gets everything they need, while keeping you safely at home.

Please rest assured that we at Belmont Shore Veterinary Hospital are monitoring the situation very closely and that we will continue to try to provide the best guidance and advice for you, our valued clients. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

The doctors and staff of
Belmont Shore Veterinary Hospital